It all starts with a date.

Finding a date online is now part of everyday life for millions of people across the UK. But to have the chance of finding a great relationship, you need to take that all important first step and start dating. Dating is about meeting someone new, someone you want to discover more about, share your stories with and, above all, enjoy spending time with. But if you’re new to dating, how should you go about getting and preparing for that all-important first date?

Deciding it’s time to meet up.

You’ve chatted online, you know how you differ and the things you have in common, and you’re interested – now’s your chance to decide if you’re ready to meet face to face. Seeing your date in person can be make-or-break, but if you’re intrigued by their personality, it’s more than likely there’ll be some chemistry when you start dating. Think of a first date not as a challenge, but as a unique adventure. If you take time to¬†prepare¬†for your date and are as comfortable as possible, you’ll be off to a great start.

Making it memorable.

A first date can pave the way to a bright and wonderful future, and it can be as memorable as you make it. At, we’ve got loads of inspiring dating ideas to make your first date one to remember. Whilst restaurants and bars are popular spots for a reason, if you think outside the box you could find yourself on an amazing, unusual date.

Getting ready.

Getting dressed up and ready for a date is all part of the fun. Trying our different outfits, making sure you look your best, and swapping dating tips with your mates can all add to the excitement. If deciding what to wear feels like a conundrum, we’ve got lots of helpful hints to calm your nerves and bring out your natural inner confidence.